When Humans Thrash

In computer science, thrashing occurs when the process of data transfer prohibits the execution of operations. When your computer is thrashing, it’s perceived as slow, sluggish, on the verge of crashing. Remember when you tried to open that PDF on your older work laptop and you saw Adobe Acrobat launch in your task bar but… Continue Reading

The Difference Between Constant and Variable Bitrate

The difference between Constant Bitrate (CBR) and Variable Bitrate (VBR) is the focus of Part 2 of my recent audio file exploration. In case you missed Part 1, you can learn about audio codecs and containers here. First, we should define what a bitrate is. A bitrate refers to the number of bits (data) processed… Continue Reading

Audio Codecs and Containers for Beginners

“I get an error that says: ‘PowerPoint cannot insert an audio from the selected file. Verify that the necessary codec for this media format is installed, and try again.’ I’ve tried on two different computers and I can’t get the audio file to play. Have you ever run into this before?” Yes. I get this… Continue Reading

Complete Guide to Sass Programming Language

Sass is a scripting language that is interpreted into Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), also known as a preprocessor. If you can write CSS you can start using Sass, and begin taking advantage of the benefits it offers like variables, nested rules, mixins and many other features that enable quicker front end development. The following is… Continue Reading

How to Recover a Stored Password from HeidiSQL

It happens to all of us. Maybe you trashed the sticky note you wrote the password on. Maybe someone on your dev team changed the database connection credentials and forgot to tell you. Maybe it’s been a while since you last connected to the database, and now when you try to connect, for some unknown… Continue Reading

Linking to Highlighted Lines of Code on GitHub

One of the features I use most often on GitHub is linking to highlighted lines of code in my repository. GitHub, a Git repository web-based hosting service, is a great tool for source code management and version control. I use it for all of my web projects and even for management of files that are… Continue Reading

Pattern Matching Using Globbing

Globbing, or pattern matching based on wildcard characters, is a feature found in many programming languages. Globbing refers to the operation that expands a wildcard pattern into the list of pathnames matching the pattern. In its current form it dates back to Version 6 Unix released in 1975, and before that it existed as a… Continue Reading

Writing SQL Statements Using Excel Concatenate Function

True, I’m most comfortable working with the front-end, but that doesn’t stop me from writing SQL statements like a boss. Like many applications, the ones I work with are largely database driven. And though we try to put as much of the data management into the hands of our project managers and client users when… Continue Reading

On Being a Designer/Developer: Reason #1

Because it takes the average person about 20 minutes to get back to work after an interruption. And sometimes all you want to do is add a class to a form element so it can be styled. But the code you’re handed to work with looks like this: <form:select path="statuses" multiple="true"> <c:forEach items="${statuses}" var="status"> <form:option… Continue Reading